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LOtC resource packs

Whether you are new to LOtC or have years of experience in delivering lessons outside the classroom, our new LOtC resource packs aim to provide you with fresh ideas and the information you will need to deliver and develop your own lesson plans. There are twelve LOtC resource packs in total, with each pack focussing on either English or Science and Maths.  Whether you teach early years, primary or secondary phases, we hope you will find some useful information and practical ideas that will inspire you to deliver more LOtC in order to engage and enthuse your pupils in their learning.

Each pack contains 8 A4, full colour cards and includes the following information:


  • LOtC should be frequent, continuous and progressive
  • Ofsted review of LOtC

    Click on the image for a sample lesson (KS2 English)

  • Key tips for teaching outdoors
  • Health and safety
  • Risk benefit
  • The LOtC Quality Badge

Case study:

  • Title
  • Focus and aims
  • What they actually did
  • Tips and recommendations
  • Curriculum links

Six lesson plans, each covering the following:

  • Subject / Phase
  • Topic
  • Title
  • Suggested lesson setting
  • Overview of the activity
  • Equipment
  • Learning objectives
  • Success criteria
  • Leading up to this work
  • Setting up the activity
  • Activity introduction
  • Main activity
  • Activity plenary
  • Differentiation
  • Extending the work
  • Moving on from the work
  • Links to other subjects

KS2 sample English lesson

KS5 sample science lesson

All packs are priced at £20.00 each (plus £2.00 postage and packaging). You can choose from the following:

  • Pack 1: Early Years – Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Pack 2: Early Years – Understanding the world and Maths
  • Pack 3: Key Stage 1 – English 
  • Pack 4: Key Stage 1 – Science and Maths
  • Pack 5: Key Stage 2 – English
  • Pack 6: Key Stage 2 – Science and Maths
  • Pack 7: Key Stage 3 – English
  • Pack 8: Key Stage 3 – Science and Maths
  • Pack 9: Key Stage 4 – English
  • Pack 10: Key Stage 4 – Science and Maths
  • Pack 11: Key Stage 5 – English
  • Pack 12: Key Stage 5 – Science and Maths
  • **NEW** Pack 13: Early Years – Communication, Language and Literacy 2
  • **NEW** Pack 14: Early Years – Understanding the World 2
  • **NEW** Pack 15: Early Years – Maths 2
  • **NEW** Pack 16: Early Years – Creative Arts and Design
  • **NEW** Pack 17: Key Stage 1 History
  • **NEW** Pack 18: Key Stage 2 History
  • **NEW** Pack 19: Key Stage 3 History

About the EYFS resource packs

We also offer discounts on bundles of 3, 6, 12 and 15:

  • Buy a pack of 3 at £57.00 + £2.50 postage and packaging
  • Buy a pack of 6 at £110 + £5.75 postage and packaging
  • Buy a pack of 12 at £215 + £11.50 postage and packaging
  • Buy a pack of 15 at £270 + £13.50 postage and packaging

How to order:

PHONE: To place an order and pay over the phone using a credit or debit card, please call 07545 696 881 or 07545 696 880.

POST: To make an order via post, please download the resource pack order form and return it with payment to the address detailed on the form.

ONLINE: To buy online using a credit/debit card or PayPal account, choose your bundle option from the drop down list below, enter the pack numbers you require,then click the ‘buy now’ button. You will be redirected to a PayPal checkout page. If your order preference is not listed below, please contact 07545 696 881.

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The LOtC resource packs were produced by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom in association with Learning through Landscapes and have been written by experienced teachers and LOtC practitioners.   The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom would like to thank the following people, schools and organisations for their ideas, images and inspiration in helping create these packs:

Holy Trinity Pewley Down School, Guildford; It’s the Little Things Nursery, Liverpool; Matravers School, Wiltshire; Medina High School, Isle of Wight; Mile End Primary School, Aberdeen; Parkstone Grammar School, Poole; South Camden Community School, London; New Town First School, Exeter; The Windsor Boys School, Berkshire; Winchester Cathedral Education Department; Longvernal Primary School, Bath; Sewell Park College, Norfolk; Meare Village Primary School, Somerset; Alnwick Castle Poison Garden, Northumberland; Melissa Glackin, King’s College London; Felicity Robinson, Landscapes Naturally; Julia Housham; Jenny Cater, Space 2 Play; Emma Robinson; Karin Chipulina; Juliet Robertson, Creative STAR Learning; Loversall Farm Day Nursery, Doncaster; Dimson Day Nursery, Cornwall.

We are grateful for support from Practical Printers, which has helped us to produce these packs. 

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