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There is convincing research that suggests good quality learning outside the classroom adds significant value to young people’s learning. It provides a context for accumulating integrated and subject based knowledge and for developing key skills. Effective learning outside the classroom relies on problem-solving skills, cooperation and interpersonal communication: all essential skills for today’s young people.

Our partners, manifesto signatories and educational practioners have sumitted a number of research papers relating to LOtC.

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Maintaining curiosity: A survey into science education in schools, Ofsted (2013)

A report on science education published by Ofsted in November 2013 found that the more pupils do science for themselves, [...]


‘Get on my Land’: Awareness and engagement with environmental organisations

This piece of research was undertaken by Will Marcombe, as part of his studies for an MSc in Ecology and Management [...]


Evaluation of Learning Away: first interim report published

Learning Away is a special initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF), supporting schools in 12 partnerships [...]


The impact of pupil behaviour and wellbeing on educational outcomes

This research published by the Department for Education was undertaken by the Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre.
Executive summary

A review of previous [...]


Residential Outdoor Education Experiences – a legacy for learning

The English Outdoor Council has produced an updated research paper on residential outdoor experiences.

Executive Summary

There is crystal clear and incontestable [...]


Natural England: Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment Survey (2009-2012)

Following the analysis of the data gathered by the ongoing Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment Survey (2009-2012), Natural England [...]