LOtC Manifesto

Launched in 2006, the LOtC Manifesto is a shared vision to raise achievement through an organised and powerful approach to learning inwhich direct experience is of prime importance.

The LOtC Manifesto aims are to:

  • To improve training and professional development opportunities for schools and the wider children and young people’s workforce;
  • To provide all young people with a wide range of experiences outside the classroom, including extended school activities, integrated and targeted youth support, early years work and one or more residential visits;

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  • To better enable schools, local authorities and other organisations working with young people to manage activities safely and efficiently;
  • To make a strong case for learning outside the classroom, so there is widespread appreciation of the unique contribution these experiences make to young people’s lives;
  • To provide easy access to information, knowledge, expertise, guidance and resources;
  • To offer learning experiences of high quality;
  • To identify ways of engaging parents, carers and the wider community in learning outside the classroom.

Endorse and champion the Manifesto — become a signatory.

The Manifesto’s shared vision is open for anyone to sign up to — schools, early years settings, youth groups, clubs, local authorities and children’s services, parents, young people, and all those Learning Outside the Classroom organisations that support them. Its purpose is to:

  • Act as a statement of common intent that will make better use of our individual and collective resources.
  • Encourage more widespread use of educational opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Inspire schools and those organisations that support learning outside the classroom to provide high-quality experiences for all young people.
  • Set out a shared agenda for future activity, which recognises that real progress will depend on the co-operation and collaboration of all signatories.
  • Make it easier for more organisations and individuals to see how they can best contribute.
  • Inform the development of government policy.
  • Call on others in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors to work in partnership with us to deliver our aims.

If you recognise the value of learning outside the classroom and support this vision, please endorse and champion the Manifesto by becoming a signatory.

Download the LOtC Manifesto.

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